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The Subaru Buy and Lease Experience You Deserve in Lunenburg, MA

Here at North End Subaru, we believe that the decision to purchase or lease a vehicle at our dealership should come with stress-free expectations and a seamless process from start to finish.

To turn your financing experience into something rewarding and altogether memorable, our finance experts work with a vast network of flexible lenders, feature a guaranteed approval process, and extend financing options to every customer that's interested in a new Subaru model or pre-owned driveway addition!

Check Out Our Latest Financing Rates

    2023 Ascent
  3.9% available
    2023 Legacy  3.9% available
    2023 Outback  3.9% available
    2023 Impreza  3.9% available
    2022 Forester  2.9% available
    2023 Crosstrek  3.9% available
    2022 WRX  2.9% available
    2022 BRZ   2.9% available

Expansive Network of Lenders

To ensure we can offer adaptable terms that benefit a wide range of customers with specific budgets, credit histories and individual preferences, our finance team at North End Subaru coordinates with over 100 different lenders throughout the area. These relationships lead to extended options and more transparency with your next automotive investment, getting you behind the wheel of a dream vehicle in a manner you'll appreciate!

Guaranteed Approval Process

Worried about your qualifications for approval? With a guaranteed approval process here in Lunenburg, you can leave past frustrations with this essential purchase and lease step firmly in the rearview. We believe that every prospective driver deserves a chance to purchase or lease a vehicle on trustworthy terms, and this credit approval guarantee will provide you with enhanced peace of mind when proceeding to the next stages of financing.

We Help All Customers Finance

From shoppers with subprime credit to no established credit history or a generally poor credit score, our team accommodates every prospective driver here in Lunenburg with financing solutions. Limitations in this area should not restrict you from climbing behind the wheel of a daily driver you take pride in.

Available Finance and Sales Experts

The professionalism of respective sales and finance teams here at North End Subaru becomes immediately clear when you connect with these experts, both over the phone and in person. We look forward to helping establish a payment plan that accounts for every minor detail and personal context on your behalf. From discussing the merits of choosing to purchase or lease to evaluating your current model trade-in, interest rate and term lengths overviews, down payment decisions and much more, we cover every consideration so you don't have to!

With years of experience working on sales and finance solutions for hundreds of different customers who pass through our showroom doors, the veteran expertise and accomplished background of these experts adds to the confidence you feel when choosing a new Subaru model or pre-owned vehicle to invest in. Our top priority is giving you a voice to outline questions and concerns throughout this process, as the pace of financing moves based on personal preferences and what specifically works best for you.


Submit a Financing Application and Contact us with Questions

To get started, we encourage you to complete the pre-qualification process as needed and submit a financing application to move forward with an auto loan at our Subaru dealership here in Lunenburg. If you wish to learn more about our lender network, how guaranteed approvals work, or the specific qualifications of experts tasked with assisting you, then don't hesitate to give us a call or stop by during regular business hours. We look forward to working with you and are confident your next financing experience here at North End Subaru will be a memorable one!

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Nothing compares to the satisfaction of discovering the ideal fit when looking for a new car, but it's not always easy. Life changes, economic shifts, and other factors might make you wonder whether you can afford the vehicle you want. Our staff at North End Subaru is ready to help you find the automobile of your dreams, whether you're shopping for a brand-new Subaru or have your eye on one of our fantastic pre-owned cars or SUVs.

You can take advantage of an easy financing process and reasonable rates utilizing our Lunenberg auto financing department. We'll listen to your needs and guide you toward an amazing offer on a Subaru lease or loan and financing on other makes. Before taking the next step, let's look at a few financing choices and benefits at North End Subaru.

Finance the Car You Want at a Subaru Dealership

Technically, you can get a car loan from outside lenders and use that loan to buy a car outright. Subaru dealership financing is slightly different because you will be paying the dealership. However, at a top dealership like North End Subaru, we know Subaru loans better than anyone. When you finance with us, you can access better automotive financing benefits and ways to save.

The conditions of your vehicle loan rely on several variables, including your income and credit history. Still, financing a car allows you to own the vehicle outright. What's more, with the right dealership helping you, a Subaru loan can cost much less than you might expect.

What Is Subaru Leasing?

Apart from buying a Subaru directly, the second most common option is to get a lease. They usually range between six and 24 months. Since lease payments are typically lower than automotive loan payments, you may be able to drive a model you otherwise couldn't afford. You'll have to return the vehicle at the agreed lease term ending date. This allows you to lease a newer model or buy the car if you love it.

Leasing is the best option if you want a new car every few years and have minimal maintenance concerns. Remember that there are restrictions on mileage and wear and tear. So, this may not be an ideal option if you intend to get rough with vehicles or travel frequently.

Subaru Lease or Loan: What's Better for Me?

When it's time to switch to a newer vehicle, many individuals assume their only option is to buy a car and obtain a loan. Perhaps you do not want to commit to longer loan terms, or the thought of more extensive car maintenance requirements five or ten years from now is unappealing. Or, perhaps you've heard that lease payments can be substantially less than loan installments.

If any of these apply to you, talk to our finance team about the models that interest you. We will provide you with all the leasing and purchase information you need so you can weigh your alternatives and make a final choice.

How Do I Get Approved for an Auto Loan?

The two primary factors determining your approval for an auto loan are your credit history and your annual or monthly income. To proceed with an auto loan at our Subaru dealership here in Lunenburg, we invite you to first complete and submit a finance application. When you are set to visit the showroom, bring the following items:

  • A current driver's license
  • Three to five personal references
  • Paycheck stubs or bank statements as evidence of income
  • The agreed amount of upfront payment (if required)

While there isn't a single strategy that will guarantee auto loan approval for everyone, following proactive steps and bringing all the required documents can ease the application process. Check out other informational sections of the North End Subaru Finance Center, or contact us directly if you have further questions.

Determine Your Car's Value With Our Trade-In Tool

Your car's trade-in value is the amount a dealer is willing to pay you toward purchasing a new vehicle in return for your current vehicle. This is typically based on the car's market value, with adjustments for the condition after an inspection.

However, not all dealerships will offer a fair evaluation. The popularity of the make and model, the number of comparable vehicles the dealer currently has on the lot, and the age and condition of your car are understandable factors, but watch out for hidden fees or requirements that lead you to get less for your vehicle. You won't find these issues at a top-rated Lunenberg dealership like North End Subaru.

You can easily estimate the value of your automobile from the comfort of your home using our user-friendly trade-in estimation tool. After that, all you have to do is bring your car to our dealership. Our team of specialists will examine the car to confirm its condition and provide you with our most recent market-value-based offer. You can sell, trade, or walk away. You have no obligations when you use our trade-in value tool.

Subaru Auto Loan Pre-Approval

You can estimate your monthly automobile loan (or lease) payments and your general financial capacity as soon as you find a vehicle you may want to buy or lease. Browse our inventory and click to start the pre-approval process on any of our current vehicles. Supply the necessary information our team needs, and get further assistance in a few easy clicks. We do everything possible to get the ball rolling before you even step foot in our dealership or complete an online order.

Getting a new Subaru should be exciting and stress-free every time. We hope our Subaru savings tips and finance center resources make you fully confident and excited about buying or leasing a car. If you need further assistance, contact or browse the options at the North End Subaru Finance Center. Our specialists work closely with you to decide what is best for your situation. You'll have the same ease and freedom as you when driving in your ideal Subaru.